Mobile Assist Platform™

The only Mobile Platform with Contact Center DNA. Mobile App Assist

Mobile App Assist

Putting emphasis on the reduction of AHT and improving 1st contact resolution, Mobile App Assist is a frictionless method that distributes a unique link to the customer, allowing them to easily download the client’s app; complete with click-through tracking, reporting and analytics. Mobile Message Assist

Mobile Message Assist

Allows call center agents to send a standard, or customer specific, message containing unique clickable links.

Not only does this feature support simultaneous multiple chat conversations per Agent, but it supports the use of content and/or rule “triggers” that can be fed by the client to the CieloPlatform in real time or in batch. Interactive Text Response (ITR)

Interactive Text Response (ITR)

Supports an automated, multiple response, SMS dialogue; similar to IVR, but with SMS – not unlike the way many people communicate as it is!

Client’s have access to creative application and hosting services from Cielo, or can simply post the results of their own web forms using Cielo’s API. Live SMS Assist

Live SMS Assist

Allows agents, from their desktop, to conduct a live, interactive, chat directly on the customer’s mobile device.

Designed for a true mobile chat experience - Live Agent SMS Assist does not require the customer to use their mobile browser with a web-base chat application. Web-2-Mobile Connect

Web-2-Mobile Connect

Teach your web app to text!

An easy, plug & play mobile messaging interface to Cielo’s platform allow you to send one, or many standard or custom messages direct from your own web enabled applications.


Web-to-Mobile Connect™

Mobile App Assist allows the Advisor to quickly and easily deliver the mobile banking app directly to the customer. Increases call center productivity by moving the support dialogue into the hands of the customer while ensuring mobile app adoption rates during the customer engagement.

Designed to reduce average handle time, Mobile App Assist integrates directly into the Call Center and Retail Branch customer support systems.

Supports BOTH email and SMS delivery of the app and tracks mobile app downloads, uniquely by customer and the Agent, for reporting.

Dyson is closing the Customer Care gap by engaging the customer on hold.

Allowing Customer Service Agents, from their desktop, to conduct a live SMS chat directly on the customer’s mobile device while the customer is still on hold waiting for their call to be routed to the next available agent.

Designed specifically for true Mobile Chat - does not require the customer to use their mobile browser with a web-base chat application.

Cielo’s Web-to-Mobile Connect™ provides Eye Media with the industry’s most flexible, yet cost effective messaging platform, allowing them to deliver the future of OOH advertising.

Using proximity technology and Cielo’s Mobile Assist Platform™, Eye Media injects traditional media with a digital response; converting the customer through a unique and measurable experience.

Cielo created and hosts the opt-in (sign up) form (or widget) which is served on the client’s website.

Cielo maintains the active opt-in and opt-out database along with sending confirmation messages (email OR SMS).

CieloMessage integrates local allergy content and matches it to the consumer’s location in the opt-in databased.

When Pollen Levels in the consumer’s local exceed moderate levels, CieloMessage automatically sends a text message containing a link back to the BENADRYL mobile site

The mobile site displays the detailed allergy content their region. The consumer also has the ability to obtain a coupon.

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Teach Your Web App to Text

Web-to-Mobile Connect™ enables any web app or service - online or mobile – to connect with any mobile customer across any carrier in North America.

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