Cielo Extends Evian Social Media to Mobile


    The evian® “Roller Babies” is one of the most watched and shared videos on the web.  The company wanted to extend the reach of this online social media phenomenon to the mobile channel.

    The challenge was to create a branded experience that leveraged mobile’s strong peer-to-peer social connection.  Cielo created a mobile internet site designed around smart phones, yet accessible by any handset on any carrier providing evian® with the widest possible reach.

    To increase the performance of evian’s mobile display ad spend, Cielo created animated mobile banner ads that clicked to a rich-media mobile destination.

    To view the engagement, text evian to 77982.

    The mobile site destination streams several Roller Baby videos including a behind the scenes look at how the videos were made.

    For each video Cielo executes a social send-to-a-friend feature using in-site text messaging.  Consumers can send a link to the mobile site and videos through a personal greeting to their friends.

    The success of the mobile campaign is because the mobile site is accessible on any cell phone across all US wireless carriers, not just iPhones on AT&T.