By Dean Macri on August 18th, 2017 Make your first impression count

Health Care Organizations are using mobile technology in their operations to a certain degree today. Some require the patient to visit their website, patient portal, download an app, generally requiring the patient to take initiative or action. According to Minemyer (2017) it is important to “make a good first impression, the first impression could determine if a patient will return”. Other suggestions include, practicing phone etiquette and using data analytics to reduce wait times.

Imagine if your Patient Service Representative (PSR) could send a patient their “new patient packet” while they were on the phone answering another question. Or send a link to the patient allowing them to take a photo of their insurance card and driver’s license, provide their signature on administrative forms, and more.

Today’s Health Information Systems fall short of automating the manual, time consuming process, of securelypushing documents” to patients. The Cielo Mobile Assist™ allows Patient Service Representatives in a Contact Center, or at medical facility to streamline telephone encounters using secure mobile technology.

While on the phone with the patient, Cielo Mobile Assist™ allows the PSR to service the patient entirely through the mobile channel. Cielo is using mobile technology to create an outstanding customer patient experience. We can help you transform the patient registration process, dramatically reducing PSR and contact center handle time, while increasing patient satisfaction.

Customer Service in Healthcare is more important than ever; use of mobile technology is part of an overall good first impression, patient retention, and satisfaction strategy.

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